Endless is a group of entities, artists, thinkers and creators who have existed

since long before our notion of time begins.

During what we like to think of as pre-history they were busy scratching up designs

onto the walls of caves; far from disheartened by the shadows on the walls

and their implications.

Almost like the plot of Forest Gump but less socially inappropriate,

their art and ideas have reared their head throughout history,

always fueling resurgences in free life, apparently.

This website is the posting page of the current representatives of this ancient group,

and will be the posting page of all members in the future.

Currently they work mainly in graphic design, motion content, projection mapping and art installations

for a range of clients from the music industry to property

(even secret societies have to pay the bills, contrary to what the stone cutters might say)

but they're always open and if you have a cathedral roof which needs painting,

they'd love to hear from you.

If you have any questions about life, the universe and everything,

or just want to talk about an exciting branding project you have on the horizon,

they'd also love to hear from you.