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ATA Records

Our relationship with ATA records started over a pint at a jazz night in our local pub, and we've now gone on to design 6 sleeves for their varied and exciting jazz, soul and funk vinyl releases.

ATA is a Leeds record label based in an Aladdin's cave of a studio, tucked away in Headingley. The various groups the record studio work with have a strong and instantly recognisable sound, influenced by the long twisting history of jazz music. The heads of ATA wanted to reflect this in their record sleeve artwork.

Each brief starts with a mood board from the client, drawing inspiration from Penguin book covers, to old cereal boxes, through to Soviet film posters. To fit this nostalgic throwback vibe, we often work with a mix of analogue & digital methods. Including setting type and then distressing it by hand or using analogue printing techniques to create elements or textures and scanning them in. The end result is a collection of record sleeves that stand out on the shelves but come together as a cohesive set. 

Joe Songhurst - Graphic Design
Aaron Whitaker - Graphic Design