Kwench Records

The house producer Cassy would be releasing a series of EPs and wanted branding for the new label and a template based sleeve for each release. Cassy requested that the covers had a gritty urban feel, included a strong use of colour and hada 90s house vibe.

For research we looked at various 90s dance albums and record labels - How they used complimentary image and type, gave a sense of the style of music and stood out on the shelves. While creating the variants we kept in mind that the covers would be adapted for each release.

The client chose the option that featured grungy photos from the New York Subway, she liked the focus on minorities and the candid nature of the pictures. The type was inspired by 90s dance compilations. For each subsequent EP the colour and photo will be changed.

'Endless Studio have been a pleasure to work with over the past nine months. They were exceptional in understanding my client's brief, and bringing it to life. They have been more than fair in how they conduct themselves on the business side of things. They have been everything you would want in a creative agency'

Ben van der Molen

On behalf of Cassy/Kwench Records