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"Visions create. yes we are boldly laying out a vision of a bright future,

radical I know. We ARE the world we ARE the children ha. DIDYMUS (twin)

is representing a blurring of the boundaries between what is known and

the knower, from the roots in the ground to the rays of sun."

We have been working with the enigmatic recording studio and label Limefield since 2019. Together we share Limefields ethos of storytelling beyond the realms ordinary, between the mystic the unexplained and wonderous. Limefield trawl the usual paths and the outer ether for artists and story tellers who's artist expression is often unheard but needs to be broadcast . Continually on an adventure to seek out new forms of expression, ideas and personality from their artists, it's been an ever expanding and explorative journey so far

We initially began working with Limefield's Kora player John Haycock on his Steve Reid foundation funded EP "In a bloopy mood" . This sought after 7 inch combines John's expereince as a kora player, combined with electronic loops and effects that transform the listener into overlapping captivating musical trances. In this instance we wanted to visually represent John and his methods in the simplest way possible, combining visual elements from the tradtional kora instruments and intertwining them with expressions of electronic loops and rythms whilst simultaniously reflecting the peaceful trancendent and escapist aspects of the music through bold linework and colors.

On Limefields 2022 release Didymus- an album that incorporates around 15 different musicians and pieced together over a seven year period, we wanted to really explore and bring to life the visual elements of the music, the ethos and the people who created it. The album was conducted, arranged, and feautured label heads John Ellis and John Haycock, we worked closely with the label to understand the broad universal elements of the release. We created a series of music videos in the summer of 2021, filmed in four different locations from rural south Wales to local nature reserves, stone cirlces and beyond to encapsulate the tranqil and ethereal feautures of nature, reflection, unity and positivity that the theme of the album encompasses. On the design of the double spread gatefold release, we combined elements from our filming trips with experiemtnal photograpy alongside symbols, maps and patterns taken from the filming locations. We also had the pleasure to incoroprate a magical sigil, created by John and John as an intention and expression, in its most simplest form of what the album is.