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MAP Charity is an organisation which helps young people who can’t access mainstream education to acquire qualifications, at the same time as getting one to one tutoring on Art, Music production and media. The MAP HQ is the beautiful, old and grade-II listed Hope Foundry which was in the line of fire to become luxury flats. They had a few years to raise the money to buy the building and save the centre.

With support from everyone from the BBC to Leeds Council, the charity is going from strength to strength. A monthly fundraising party called cosmic slop is the glue which holds the majority of the Leeds music scene together, with Hunnee, Floating Points, Mr Scruff and more regularly going incognito and playing the night for free. The soundsystem is rumoured amongst those who know to be one of the best in the world.

Our task was to implement a brand guidelines that would unite the many aspects of the organisation.

The guidelines needed to feel young and current yet official and serious. The main aim was that they had to be simple yet effective; any volunteer or staff member in the organisation should be able to pick them up and create an on-brand document. One unique element of this project that is that it is ever evolving as the charity grows. Each week brings new requirements for the team and we continue to adapt the brand guidelines as and when it's needed. The items we've created using the implemented guidelines include: a single sheet 'street pack' used as a bold and simple fundraising leaflet, a historical document that gives a quick lesson on the origins of Hope Foundry and the branding and leaflets for a MAP initiative Leeds Producer Forum.

We also have the privilege to work alongside the MAP staff to run workshops with the charity's service users. We get to see the city's next generation of young creatives that wouldn't have had the opportunity to develop if it hadn't been for the tireless work of the MAP team. 

Aaron Whitaker - Graphic Design & Layout / Direction
Jamie House - Graphic Design & Layout / Direction / Photography
Joe Songhurst - Graphic Design & Layout
Adam Menzies - Additional Illustration