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Salemango 2023

Salemango Festival, now in its fourth year was even bigger and brighter than ever.
An explosive festival of colour & creativity. Celebrating Leeds' ever growing, ever inspiring, inclusive music and arts scenes. This year t
aking place across four venues in the city's buzzing Hyde Park District.

It's always a whirlwind of ideas and exciting prospects during the initial meetings with the festival organisers - Tight Lines. Our main focus from the brief was to capture the vibrant, energetic spirit of the underground buzz surrounding Tight Lines and Hyde Park Book Club, whilst also attracting new audiences of all ages and walks of life.

In response we created an all out abstract 3D model that we felt encapsulated the enigmatic Salemango spirit. A digital collage full of colour, twists/turns and fluid forms! Using this as the main element to build the brand around, we chose a bold yet pleasing title font with a balanced layout. We used these basics to build a promotion campaign to match the festivals new ambitions, larger size and bigger audience.