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“A painter once told me that there’s something magical about grey. For a painter, grey doesn’t really exist. Look deeper at something grey, & you’ll find it’s really purple, pink or blue. You heighten reality by exaggerating that spectral colour effect”

- Guy Sigsworth

Guy has been behind the scenes on many large releases in the last 20 years from Frou Frou to Britney. We were brought on to translate his complex and poetic musical output 'Stet' into a coherent visual campaign across all mediums from video to print. To achieve this subtle yet modern aesthetic we used a special type of light filter to separate white light from the colours when shone through plastic. The album is inspired by Okinawa, which being an island feels consumed by water and outside forces. We used plastic flowers for a metaphor about big business/corporate influence on such a delicate culture. These delicate visuals are used across an LP, single covers and visualisers that bring the tracks to life. All photography and videography was created by us in our studio.

For the sing video our only brief was the current tune stuck onto a clip from *that* scene in 2001. We took the colours, motion and symmetry from the movie and created a macro video inspired by these elements. We were working on an incredibly small budget and the results turned out to be better than anyone could have expected.

Jamie House - Creative Direction / Graphic Design / Photography / Lighting Operation
Aaron Whitaker - Graphic Design / Photography
Joe Songhurst - Graphic Design