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Tightlines are an eclectic jazz music collective based in Leeds. Their infectious ambition and mad ideas mean we are always excited when they get in touch with a new brief. The projects from Tightlines can vary between creating a gig poster and live visuals for one of their acts, through to branding their mini summer festival: Salemango. In the past few years the Salemango branding has included dynamic logos, line up posters, animated trailers and a suite of motion visuals we then projected behind the acts as they played.

The outcomes for these briefs always need to work across digital channels and often include some kind of printed matter. We always make sure the imagery, colour, layout and typography we use match the pick 'n' mix vibe of the Tightlines, with their mish mash of band members, experimental music and wild live shows. In the past we have utilised custom typography, collage, abstract photography and many other visually stimulating methods, all made in house within the walls of Endless Studio.

Here's just a taste of some of the projects we've worked on with Tightlines

Jamie House - Graphic Design & Layout / Photography/ Lighting Direction / Projector Operation / Video Editing
Aaron Whitaker - Graphic Design & Layout / Photography
Joe Songhurst - Graphic Design