East London Voice Clinic (ELVC) are a new pioneering vocal massage clinic specialising in a holistic approach towards vocal health for professional performers, musicians and everyone else in between, focusing on bespoke consultations with a personal touch to best suit the individual's needs.
Together with ELVC we wanted to create a new brand identity with a strong, simple and effective logo mark that was a visualisation of how the sound and vocal waves move freely and effortlessly through the body from the result of a vocal massage from ELVC. We refined a sketched sound wave and expanded it to give it a resemblance to the river thames flowing into East London. This was all brought together with the bold and clear typeface Nohemi, balanced with a nuanced and simple colour palette to reflect ELVC’s ethos and calming studio space. The versatile and adaptable font Mullins is used as the body typeface to work across digital and print.
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